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Fund Raising – Musical Lunch – with special guests of honour !!

This Sunday May 14th was the day chosen by Musica Mundi School to organize its annual Fund Raising  Musical Lunch.

Like last year, guests enjoyed a short concert given by Musica Mundi School’s Young Talents but this year, the fifth anniversary of the school’s existence,  there was an additional musical surprise…


Maxim Vengerov and Mischa Maisky, great artists and supporters of Musica Mundi since its creation, honoured us with their presence, delighting the audience by performing in ensembles with their children.

It was a most touching moment to hear Mischa Maisky perform with his son, Maximilian, who has been at Musica Mundi school since it opened, and then to witness the world premiere of the « Vengerov Trio » with Maxim Vengerov performing with his 2 young daughters, Lisa and Polina.

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