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School trip - Day 3 - on the composer trail !

The third day of our school trip started with 2 very different museums in the town of Halle, not far from Leipzig - the Handel museum and…..the Beatles museum. Two wonderful visits with different kinds of music but the same strong emotions ! 

A delicious buffet lunch followed, in a restaurant overlooking Leipzig market place.

And then another high point of the day with an organ concert at the Thomas Church, the official Johan Sebastian Bach church where this great composer played and worked and which now houses his grave. 

Our packed musical agenda then took us to Robert and Clara Schumann’s house, the Edward Grieg house and a cello/piano concert at the Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn house. And finally a guided walk around Leipzig, topped off by a tasty evening meal enjoyed by all.

A magical day, where the Leipzig of the past was brought to life with the stories of all these musical giants.

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