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Special gifts made to our music library !

The Musica Mundi School was delighted to receive a large part of the collection of vinyl records and CDs from the late Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archbishopric of Mechelen-Brussels. This collection has enriched the Musica Mundi School's music library and is made available to all students and teachers.

A group of Musica Mundi School’s friends, Hélène Deslauriers, Karine Schonberg, Louise Descamps, Dominique Tchou,Benny Fischer, Jean-Pierre Finotto and Jessica Parser offered the school a turntable, CD player and loudspeakers in memory of their beloved friend, Jackie van Aubel.

In the photo - Hélène Deslauriers and Karine Schonberg bringing the gift to school

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