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🎻 The GREAT Stradivarius 🎻

The last exciting day of Musica Mundi School students’ yearly school trip was entirely dedicated to the reason we chose the area - Following in the footsteps of Stradivarius !

The day started with a visit to the International Stradivarius violin making school where everyone could witness how luthiers are trained and how violins are made. Fascinating detailed information was communicated that incited numerous questions from our group.

This was followed by a quick (!) and energetic climb to the top of the Cremona clock tower, the highest clock tower in all Italy. The 502 steps were manfully climbed by students and staff alike 😊

The Stradivarius museum was the next step in this day of discoveries, with a guided tour that took us back to the time of the Amati, Guarneri and Stradivarius workshops. And no...we still do not know the special secret of Stradivarius’ unique way of creating his violin masterpieces...😳

The day ended with an inspiring visit to the atelier of the most important practicing luthier in Cremona - the Morassi atelier. How wonderful to see a craftsman, so passionate about his art, at work !

The farewell dinner - the grande finale of the trip - ended with lots of laughter and fun ! Where will we be going next year ? Well, that is a well kept secret 🤪

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