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🎼 3 Coming concerts ! 🎶 👇👇👇

Chamber Music – March 29th 2023, 19h30

Do not miss the Chamber Music Concert school’s students will perfrom on Wednesday, March 29th at 19h30 !

Duos, trios, Quartets, Quintets from different musical periods…all part of the varied program proposed.

Les Violons de l’Espoir – April 19th 2023, 20h00

Amnon Weinstein, founder and promoter of the “Violins of Hope” collection, strives to bring violins “survivors” of the Shoah back to life. This important event on April 19th, initiated by Mr. & Mrs Fischgrund, will first present Mr. Weinstein’s story and life passion through a documentary about his incredible action, to be followed by a concert given by the Musica Mundi School’s Concert. Benefits of the event will go to the « Violons de l’Espoir » association and to the Musica Mundi School.

Jocotan asbl - April 20th 2023, 19h30

The Jocotan asbl mission is development aid in the region of Jocotan, Guatemala. Educating young people from this region, allowing the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children to have access to schooling is a cornerstone for imagining the future and one of the Jocotan asbl’s main objectives. Come and listen to Musica Mundi School’s young students perform on April 20th in benefit of other young, vaulnerable children and support this important initiative, conducted by Isabelle Tromme and Nicolas De Canniére.

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