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School Trip !

Musica Mundi’s School’s young talents just came back from their 3 days school trip to Hamburg.

Full and exciting trip that started with a visit of the Miniatur Wunderland- Europe’s towns and landscape presented in miniature.

The visit of the Elbphilharmonie-the new and amazing concert hall in Hamburg.

Boat tour of the Hamburg harbour.

Some nice restaurants...

An incredible recital given by the eminent pianist Grigory Sokolov including a meeting with the artist after the concert, all with the presence of one of the Steinway directors.

And last but not least, a visit of the Steinway pianos factory, including a piano selection session with our dear friend, Hans Vervenne, representative of Steinway pianos in Belgium.

MMS, being the first ALL STEINWAY SCHOOL in Belgium, this visit showed our students how « their » instruments are transformed out of selected pieces of wood into majestic musical instruments.

Lots of wonderful memories to cherish and to share 😉

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